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  1. Long Drive
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Long Drive
T Howard
It started going South when I opened my mouth
I just said I needed time, a little room to breathe
And if I could rewind and give it one more good try
I expect it probably wouldn’t go much differently
But there’s one thing you need to know about me

Baby my heart don’t stay here with me
It’s on a desert road going 93
And it’s telling me that this world’s just so deep and wide
Yeah, that’s when I come alive
Out on a long drive

Needless to say, she didn’t feel the same way
It can be unsettling with a spirit this free
And she don’t understand a rambling man
But every man’s a rambler eventually
That don’t’ mean that he’s trying to leave


This ain't a question of where you and me stand
If I was gonna run I would have already ran
But you gotta hold love in an open hand

Hey baby let it go and come with me
In a pickup blasting a Buck CD
He’s singing us his heart out from the other side
Let just see what we’ll find
Out on a long drive